Keep Your Data Safe With Our Back-Up Services

Even the best-maintained IT system is bound to fail at some point. When that happens, you want to be sure that your business can recover from the failure quickly. Time spent restoring your old data and redoing tasks that have already been done can cost your business quite a lot in lost productivity.


Back-ups are insurance against a full IT failure. While these failures are unlikely, especially if you invest in IT maintenance, the peace of mind that your business can fall back to its back-up is well worth the investment.


Symple IT Solutions’s IT teams are well-versed in backing up all of your IT systems. Our back-up services include completing the back-up restoration process in the event of an IT failure. You can rely on us to get your business up and running again quickly.

The Back-Up Process

The back-up process can be time-consuming, depending on how much data your business needs to save. Generally, it’s best only to back up the most crucial data, to save on storage space. For example, it’s simple to reinstall the software you need on your business’s computers, so there isn’t much point in backing up the local software files. 


If you want to ensure you aren’t missing any files, you might opt for a full back-up, in which your entire IT system is directly copied to an external storage medium. 


Depending on how much data your business needs backed-up, it can take hours to complete the process. Back-ups are not an intrusive process. You can continue to use your IT systems regularly while the back-up is done in the background. Once the back-up is complete, all of the essential files you’ve selected will be saved on a specialized backup hard drive that is stored until needed. 


It’s good practice to set up an automatic back-up schedule, which will ensure that your business is always ready to recover from an unexpected IT system fault. 

The Restoration Process

Once a back-up drive has been created, it’s simple to restore your system from the drive. With a full back-up, it’s possible to restore your company’s systems to the point when the back-up was made. If you have a partial back-up, a little more work is needed to copy the backed-up files to your IT system.


The restoration process will usually take about as long as the back-up took in the first place. For a typical back-up, your business can be up and running in a matter of hours as if the system shutdown had never happened.

Symple IT Solutions’s Back-up Service

Back-ups are a vital part of your company’s security that you should leave to a trained professional. Symple IT Solutions’s IT team has spent years serving Toronto and the GTA with system back-ups. With our help, you can rest easy, knowing that a system failure won’t adversely affect your business for long. Contact us today to learn more.