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One of your IT department’s responsibilities is responsible for helping your employees with technical difficulties on the job. Having an on-call IT department available to handle issues is a great way to keep your employees and company productive.

Even if you invest in an IT department, it will take time for an IT worker to show up and help an employee with an issue. During this time, the employee can’t get any work done. Helpdesk software is built to eliminate the delay between reporting a problem and having it fixed. 

One of our specialties at Symple IT Solutions is helping companies integrate helpdesk software. With our help, you can keep your Toronto business at its best without putting any strain on your budget.

What Is Helpdesk Software?

Helpdesk software is a collection of videos and text articles, designed to help a layman understand how to handle various common IT problems. Typically, helpdesk software includes a search feature that allows users to find solutions to their issues quickly.

Along with learning resources, a helpdesk might include a direct line to your IT department. By allowing a technician to connect directly to your employee’s computer, the helpdesk helps keep your company working to its fullest potential.

Why is Helpdesk Software Useful?

An IT department is necessary to handle the more complex issues, as well as the upkeep of your company’s systems. However, the vast majority of IT issues that directly affect employees can be resolved quickly and easily by an untrained employee. In fact, in the last year, over 100 billion dollars in productivity were lost because of avoidable routine IT issues and delays. 

Helpdesk is a great way to keep your employees working. By putting all the information at the fingertips of your employees, you’re keeping your business’s profits where they should be. Another use for helpdesk software is security. By using the software to keep your employees informed about proper safety procedures, you’re keeping your business safe from cyber threats.

Get Your Helpdesk From Symple IT Solutions

You can’t go wrong when you’re getting your helpdesk set up from Symple IT Solutions Ottawa. We compile a helpdesk customized to help your business stay productive. For more information, contact us for a free, no-commitment consultation.

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