Ottawa Network Support Services – Improve the Efficiency of Your Networks

At Symple IT, we’ve spent decades providing network technology support to businesses of all sizes. Unlike the more common on-demand IT services many firms offer, our network support services set themselves apart. We tailor our services to your company’s specific needs. By maintaining a steady relationship with your business, our IT team can remain familiar with your company’s IT systems and provide better and faster support.

Your Business’s Network

Your company’s network is the fundamental structure all of your workstations are built on. With a private network, your employees can communicate and share files efficiently and securely. 

Your network is also how your business stays connected to the internet. The internet is necessary to benefit from all kinds of business services, such as services like the cloud. If your business is providing a service to customers, the chances are that the server depends on your company’s network as well.

What Are Our Network Support Services?

At Symple IT, we offer a comprehensive list of network support services. Whether your business needs a network set up from scratch or simple maintenance, we have you covered at the best rates available in Toronto. 


Building your network is a task best left to our professional IT team. With our network support services, we will ensure your business meets its hardware requirements, such as routers and switches. We also will handle the software configurations, like IP and DNS addresses, needed to get your company’s network up and running. We also have the connections necessary to get you the best deal on your internet service plan. 

Maintenance and Analytics

To keep your company’s network up and running at all times, we provide constant maintenance and analysis for your network to ensure all of your systems are operating at their best performance. 


We will set up a firewall to protect your company’s network from cyberattacks. Dangerous threats such as viruses and malware, along with DoS attacks, can all spell disaster for your company if they reach your system. All of these problems can be prevented easily with the help of a properly configured firewall to improve your network security.

Basic Support

Basic network support isn’t the most technical service, but it can be very convenient for your employees. Connecting a new workstation to the network, providing the wifi password to an employee, and troubleshooting for general network issues are all included in Symple IT’s network support plan.

Support Your Network With Symple IT Solutions

At Symple IT, we have over 20 years of experience working with all kinds of Toronto businesses, providing both on-demand IT services as well as long-term support. You can rely on our experienced IT team to handle all of the technical necessities for your business, leaving you free to focus on your core business model.

If you’re interested in starting your partnership with Symple IT today, or want to learn more, why not book a free, no-strings-attached consultation with us? Contact us today to learn more.