Ottawa IT Staffing Services Designed for Your Business

Maintaining a specialized IT department for your company, depending on your situation, can be worth it. For any but the smallest businesses, the investment into an IT department is more than returned by the benefits having quick IT support whenever your business needs it.

Keeping your IT department staffed isn’t an easy task. IT is a fast-growing industry, and good IT workers are hard to come by. When you do get your hands on a solid IT employee, there’s a good chance they will receive a better offer from another business that you can’t top. 

Continually keeping the hiring process going for new IT personnel isn’t a good way to manage your company’s resources. Symple IT Solutions provides an alternative with our IT staffing services. With our staffing package, you are always guaranteed to have qualified personnel available for immediate contracting through your IT department.

How Staffing Services Can Help You

To find your business the qualified IT personnel you need, we go through most of the hiring process, including screening. We save you the trouble of searching for and sifting through applicants for your IT positions. At IT Services Ottawa, we have a long experience in finding qualified and experienced IT workers for businesses of all sizes.

Our Staffing Procedure

We have a rigorous and aggressive screening process to recommend your business only the best workers in the industry. Here are a few qualities we look for:


  • Work Ethic. Is the prospective employee punctual, and do they have a passion for working in IT? We search for the most motivated IT workers to help your business stay on top.
  • Communication Skills. In the field of IT, good communication skills are just as necessary as technical skills. One of your IT department’s jobs is to help your other employees be able to use your company’s technologies to their fullest. Accomplishing this takes solid communication to achieve.
  • Education and Experience. Inexperienced or unqualified employees can be a liability to your business. We do a thorough background check to make sure that your new prospective IT employee is both qualified and experienced enough to do a good job keeping your business running smoothly.

Find Qualified IT Staff In Toronto With Symple IT Solutions

At Symple IT Solutions, we have decades of experience bringing all kinds of IT solutions to Toronto businesses. We know the industry inside and out, and we can recognize a good IT employee when we see one. If you’re relying on our IT staffing services, you can be sure your company’s IT department will always be staffed with solid workers who will keep your business secure and efficient.

Aside from staffing services, we also offer a wide range of other kinds of services. Whether you need your IT department supplemented to solve a temporary issue or want a budget-friendly full-time managed IT solution, we have what you’re looking for. If you’re interested in learning more, consider contacting us to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation today.

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