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Viruses are the traditionally feared danger of using a modern computer. This type of malware can infect not only the workstation it initially is downloaded onto but also the entire network the computer is connected to.

Typically once a virus gets past the computer’s initial security systems, it has free reign to enter your entire IT network and corrupt, copy, or delete any files it comes across. That’s why it’s essential to have consistent protection against the threat of viruses and other malware to your company’s workstations.

Why an Antivirus Is the Best Solution for Malware Threats

The first line of defense against viruses for your business is the antivirus. An antivirus is a piece of software that is designed to scan processes on your computer to protect it from viruses. Typically, an antivirus will quarantine any suspicious programs it finds, preventing them from running until an administrator confirms that the program is safe or deletes it.

Antivirus is the most effective solution to most malware threats because it prevents the virus program from running its course in the first place. Antivirus software is the safest and least intrusive option compared to removing a virus after the fact. Once a virus infects your computer, removing it can require removing essential files from the computer or even performing a factory reset. 

Managed Antivirus: The Solution Geared Towards Your Business in Ottawa

Most antivirus programs are enough to cover personal computers. For a personal computer, the stakes are relatively low. Nowadays, most people perform back-ups for their data, so even performing a factory reset on a personal computer doesn’t cause too much inconvenience.

A business network has access to many sensitive files that aren’t easily replaced, so viruses are much more threatening to a business. Companies need a more comprehensive solution to viruses, and that’s what a managed antivirus service is. With Symple IT Solutions’s managed antivirus, you can rely on a professional team to review all of the processes running on your computer in real-time and prevent viruses from infecting your company’s network.

Choose Symple IT Solutions’s Managed Antivirus Services in Ottawa

At Symple IT Solutions, we have a long history of handling virus attacks on both large and small businesses. We make it our mission to stay one step ahead of cyberattackers by keeping an eye on current trends in malware and viruses. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Ottawa IT company more qualified than us to keep your business safe and secure.

Our managed antivirus service package also includes general anti-malware services, along with a managed firewall. If you’re interested in protecting your business from cyberattacks, Symple IT Solutions is the best choice. To learn about our IT Services Ottawa and how we can help your business, please contact us today to book a no-commitment consultation for free.


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