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IT services are useful once your business’s IT infrastructure and department have already been set up. How do you go about setting up the framework for your business to work in? In general, this isn’t a straightforward task. Careful planning is needed to decide what software and hardware you, require, as well as how to make use of it.

At Symple IT Solutions, Ottawa design-build contractor & firm, we go above and beyond the average IT consulting company. Aside from our various services that supplement your existing IT department or structure, we offer unique systems design and building services. With our help, you can get your business off the ground from scratch, all within the smallest budget possible.

Our IT System Design and Build Services Ottawa

In the past, we at Symple IT Solutions have had experience designing systems that integrate both basic and specialized types of software and hardware. We’ve created networks to serve a business, and set up the necessary operating systems for company workstations to be used by your employees.

When you’re contracting us to help you with our design and build services, you can expect us to build your business’s entire framework. We cover everything from software and hardware procurement and installation to staffing and long-term support. We view ourselves as a long-term partner to your business. Our goal is to help your business be successful by keeping  your company ahead of the technology curve.

System Documentation

Building an IT system from the ground up takes expertise you won’t find at most IT consulting firms. To make sure your IT system is comprehensive, you need proper documentation of the equipment and software you’re using. With proper documentation, it’s quick and easy to diagnose and solve issues in your system quickly. 

Symple IT Solutions’s IT team will, as part of the design service, provide full documentation of all of the software and hardware your business is using. We organize your company’s IT documentation in a way that makes it easy to access later on by either our IT team or another specialist. 

Choose Symple IT Solutions To Get Your Toronto Business Started

If you’re looking for an easy way to build an IT network that will last your business as long as you need, Symple IT Solutions is the right choice. Our professional technicians are both experienced and qualified to assist you with any of your IT-related issues. We have the connections and expertise needed to make your IT network building process fast and easy on your budget.

We’ve worked in the IT industry for over 20 years. Along with our general IT services, we also offer both on-demand IT support and long-term managed IT services Ottawa. With our wide range of options, we’re confident we can help your business to be the best it can be. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to book a free, no-commitment consultation.

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