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As technology has advanced, businesses have progressed past keeping their sensitive data on paper records. Nowadays, almost all companies use various IT systems to manage their data. Computers in the workplace have made communication and data processing easy, quick, and convenient.

This convenience has a price, though, as cyberattackers are always looking for ways to break into your company’s IT network. To prevent data breaches, which can significantly cost your company, you need to have a network defense system in place. The first line of defense against cyberattacks is a firewall.

What is a Network Firewall?

A firewall is a networking tool that protects your network from unauthorized external connections, such as cyberattacks. When secure, a good firewall will allow all authorized users to communicate over the network unobtrusively. However, unknown connections will be blocked. 

Keeping your company safe from malware attacks or data theft should be your top priority. With a reliable network fireball, you can be sure that only your employees are accessing your business network, which helps to maintain security.

Why a Managed Firewall is the Best Way to Protect Your Network

To protect your business from cyberattacks, a firewall needs to be properly configured. Setting up a firewall can be tricky unless you’re a professional. Even once a firewall is appropriately set up, the configuration might need to change over time as new users become authorized to use the network.

A managed firewall is the best way to ensure that your firewall is properly configured. With our managed firewall service, you’re paying for a team of IT professionals to configure and monitor your firewall in real-time, to ensure the security of your company.

Why Symple IT Solutions is the Best Managed Firewall Service Provider in Toronto and the GTA

At Symple IT Solutions – IT Services Ottawa, we pride ourselves on our personable, qualified, and experienced IT teams. We have 20 years of experience in the industry, so we’re confident in our abilities to maintain your firewall and the rest of your network. Our managed services packages include security and IT features such as antivirus, firewall, and server management. 

Aside from our managed IT services, we also offer on-demand IT support. If you’re not sure if your company can use what we offer, why not book a free, no-commitment consultation today? Contact us today to learn more.


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