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Network connectivity and security is constant issue for businesses of all sizes. From end users accidentally clicking on malicious links in phishing emails to hackers infiltrating your security system and gaining access to sensitive information, no business is immune to attempted security breaches. Small businesses are especially easy targets because most hackers assume they don’t have the financial resources or technology to protect themselves against cyberattacks. Protect your assets now if you haven’t already with reliable firewall security in Ottawa

What Is Firewall Security?

A firewall is a protective barrier that prevents harmful and unauthorized elements such as hackers and other bad actors from entering your business network and gaining access to confidential data. In software or hardware form, firewalls can be configured as a two-way system that prevents harmful data from entering or exiting your network. That means, it can stop hackers from gaining access to your network data while also stopping you or one of your employees from accidentally sharing privileged information with outside sources as well. Only trusted information can be shared by authorized users. 

Software firewalls are applications that can be installed on end user company computers and other devices. Hardware firewalls are standard and built into most technological devices that have network or Wi-Fi connections. It’s important to use both to ensure the ultimate network security. 

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8 Reasons Why Businesses Need Firewall Security in Ottawa

Working with a professional Ottawa IT company ensures that your business gets top-notch network security services. When a cyberattack does occur, fast-acting firewall security services in Ottawa will be prepared to issue appropriate responses immediately. Here are a few reasons why firewall security for your business is a worthwhile investment. 

Block Unauthorized Access

Only authorized users should be able to access your business network at any given time. Strong firewall security services in Ottawa prevent unauthorized users such as malware, viruses, and hackers from penetrating your security system by filtering out unfamiliar elements.

Cloud Protection Isn’t Enough

Cloud hosting services can only offer a limited amount of protection to the information that’s stored on the cloud. Cloud storage is meant to back up the data that’s on your technological devices such as company computers, smartphones, and tablets. Unfortunately, cloud protection doesn’t extend to these devices and leaving them unprotected makes them vulnerable to cyberattacks. Firewall security in Ottawa protects all of your onsite and remote company devices from security and data breaches. 

Secure Back-End Databases

Every digital platform your business uses relies on a back-end database to store information. An example of this is contact or order forms on your website. Whenever end users fill out a contact form or place an order on your website, the data travels from their technological device straight to your business database where it’s stored.  

Back-end business databases contain a lot of sensitive information that requires the utmost cybersecurity and protection. Failing to protect your back-end databases with a secure firewall could lead to trouble for your business. In the wrong hands, that information could lead to serious data leaks, exposing confidential customer information for financial extortion.

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Protect your business and your customers by setting up your firewall so that only data from familiar and approved IP addresses have access to ports that are on your back-end database servers.

Protect Local Networks

Hackers are always looking for new and inventive ways to infiltrate business networks. It’s not enough to only protect your network’s major or most obvious points of entry. Local wireless and ethernet networks that are directly connected to your company devices should also be protected by a firewall to prevent hackers from getting in. All it takes is one minor security breakdown for a hacker or bad actor to get into your network and wreak havoc. They can steal company and end user information and use it to their own advantage. You can use various firewall tools such as IP address filters to control, enable, and disable various ports on your local network. 

Increase Employee Productivity

Installing a network firewall is a great way to increase employee productivity during the workday. Firewalls can be used to block non-work related or entertainment websites that serve as major distractions and timewasters for employees. Moreover, firewalls can also block employees from accessing potentially dangerous phishing websites that can automatically install viruses and malware on your company devices. 

Firewalls Keep Operational Costs Low

Installing a combination of software and hardware firewalls that are configured to the specific security needs of your business is also a great way to lower your operational costs. Firewalls are constantly running in the background of all of your tasks. That means they’re always on hyper-alert and will immediately notify you and the Ottawa IT company that you hire of any potential security breaches. This eliminates the need for an in-house IT department that only does the bare minimum within the confines of the standard workday hours of operation because you’ll have access to automatic 24/7 cybersecurity protection and updates for a low monthly cost. 

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Track All Network Traffic

Professionally installed and monitored firewalls allow you to constantly track all incoming and outgoing digital network traffic. Unfamiliar or unauthorized users will automatically be blocked from accessing your local and remote networks. All attempted security breaches will automatically be reported to your IT team so that they can take the necessary actions to prevent cyberattacks. 

Meet Compliance Requirements

All businesses are required to operate in accordance with specific network and data security compliance regulations that are outlined by various governing bodies in their areas. Compliance requirements are frequently updated, often without prior notice, so it’s up to companies to stay on top of them. Hiring an Ottawa IT company to install and monitor firewall and network security protocols ensures that your cybersecurity measures will always be updated and in compliance with local regulations. 

When you need top-notch network security and firewall monitoring services in Ottawa, you can trust Symple IT Solutions to deliver. We provide on-demand IT support, expert customer training, and well-rounded IT services that you can rely on. Contact us today to learn more.