Save More With Our Virtualization Services

Investing in hardware, such as workstations for your employees, can be a significant drain on your business’s budget. A basic modern computer, needed for tasks such as word processing and data entry, can cost hundreds of dollars. These costs can add up when you consider that almost every single employee at your business needs their own workstation. 


You might need to invest in high-end workstations to allow for more heavy computational tasks. In this case, the cost of each workstation will go up. For a large business with many employees, the hardware load on your budget can be a major drain on your resources. Is there a better solution than investing so heavily in hardware? The answer is one of our specialties at [COMPANY B]: virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

Chances are, most of your employees aren’t putting a full load on their computers. Basic tasks, such as word processing, barely use any of the computer’s processing resources. On the other hand, such tasks are what fill most employees’ workday. 

The idea behind virtualization is to take advantage of the available computational power your employees are leaving behind by running multiple virtual computers on one physical machine. By setting up multiple workstations on one piece of hardware in this manner, you can ensure that no computational resources are wasted.

Setting Up Virtualization

Virtualization doesn’t take any extra hardware to set up. All that is required is to connect multiple input and output devices to the same machine. After that, the machine can be made to run multiple virtual machines by means of certain software.

The process of setting up virtualization is quick and cost-effective. There is no impact on workflow: virtualization is simply a more efficient way to reuse the resources your company already has available. 

Get Your Business Virtualized With [COMPANY B]

It’s not easy to find a more qualified business to handle virtualization for your business than [COMPANY B]. We have decades of experience handling hardware and computing resources in Toronto and the GTA. If you’re skeptical, let us convince you and learn more with our free, no-commitment consultation.