Ottawa Office 365 Support: Implement, Integrate, and Troubleshoot

What types of basic software is your business investing in? No matter what field your company is involved in, chances are you need tools such as word processing, data management and spreadsheets, and slide show creators.

Getting access to these tools is easier and takes less processing power than ever with Microsoft’s Office 365 service. With Symple IT Solutions’s help, your business can seamlessly switch over to using Office 365 as if your software was always on the cloud. 

What is Office 365?

Microsoft Office has been the most popular basic software suite for decades. When it comes to utility and ease of access, no competitor has come close to topping Microsoft’s number of features. 

In the past, the way to access these features as a business was by buying a full license to use the software. Nowadays, Microsoft is offering Office 365 as a modern software solution suite. Packed with just as many features as the original software, Office 365 is a cloud-based software suite which provides access to every type of familiar essential tool by Microsoft.

Our Office 365 Support Services


One of the only barriers to using Office 365 is if your business was previously reliant on the offline versions of the software. Our skilled team of technicians will be able to migrate your company over to Office 365 while pushing all relevant data to the cloud to ensure there are no hiccups in your business’s transition to the service. 


In case your employees are unfamiliar with Office 365 and need help getting a start, we provide employee training services as part of our Office 365 support. 

Full-Time Support

We understand that your primary interest is to keep your business running as productively as possible. We offer full-time Office 365 support to ensure that workflow interruptions due to technical issues are resolved quickly.

Why Choose Symple IT Solutions’s Office 365 Support

When it comes to the professional IT services Ottawa market, Symple IT Solutions has it cornered. We follow an extensive hiring and training process to ensure all of our IT technicians are both well-trained and experienced in the industry. Handling Office 365 support is one of our many specialties. 

We’ve had over two decades to follow Microsoft’s various innovations, and one of our selling points is staying ahead of the technology curve. With our help, your business can keep up with the latest technological developments. We help your company incorporate useful innovations, such as Office 365, into your employees’ toolboxes to increase productivity. 

We offer free, no-commitment consultations for you to learn how we can assist your business. If you’re interested in finding quick, budget-friendly solutions for your business, contact us today to learn more.