Managed Cloud Services In Ottawa for Today’s Digitally-Savvy Companies

As your business scales up, it will become less and less sustainable to keep all of your business’s files and software stored locally. Storage can put a significant load on your company’s IT systems, so it’s best to keep as much of your business’s data stored remotely as possible.

In the modern business age, most businesses keep all of their files and software on the cloud. Technology has advanced since the days of expensive cloud service. Nowadays, using the cloud is an excellent option for your budget, convenience, and security. 

At Symple IT Solutions, one of our specialties is getting your company on the cloud quickly and securely, while staying in a budget that works for you.

Why Use the Cloud?

If you’re managing a business, chances are you’ve heard of the cloud as a technological option to help your business’s workflow. Keeping your files stored on the cloud is a good way to bypass the hardware limitations of your local IT systems.

Cloud Software

Cloud software works just as if you had the software installed on your system. The advantage is that it carries with it a much lighter load on your hardware than traditional software. 

The only IT framework your business needs to take full advantage of cloud software is a stable internet connection. With the help of the cloud, you won’t need to invest much into your IT systems to have full access to all the software features you need.

Cloud Storage

With cloud storage, your company has access to near-infinite storage for your data. Cloud storage is the most cost-effective way to store large volumes of data. When your data is on the cloud, it’s as conveniently accessible as if it were stored on a local hard drive. All your company needs to access all of its data is a stable internet connection.

Access From Anywhere

The cloud allows your employees to have flexible working locations. When your software and data is in the cloud, employees are able to work remotely to just as high a level of productivity as normal. 

Get On the Cloud With Symple IT Solutions

At Symple IT Solutions, we understand that your top priority as a business manager is keeping your budget at a minimum and your business productive. We use the best IT practices to get your business on the cloud and up and running at the most affordable price on the market. If you’re interested in taking the next step with your business’s IT technologies, contact us today for a free, no-commitment consultation.

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