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Technical issues with computers in the modern workplace are common. While desktop workstations are designed to be convenient and easy to use, they aren’t perfect. With all the software tools your employees use, something is bound to go wrong eventually, and when it does, it’s important to have support immediately available to handle the issue.

Our desktop support services are the best way to ensure there is always IT personnel available to deal with your desktop problems as they come up. Aside from offering support for existing issues, we also handle setting up new workstations for use.

Our Desktop Support Services

Setup and Installation

Setting up and installing all of the necessary components on a new workstation isn’t straightforward when there is a large variety of software your business uses. Our trained IT personnel will install all of the necessary software, as well as perform a compatibility check to ensure that all of the tools you’re relying on will function correctly.

Along with the software that you use on a day-to-day business, we also keep your computer drivers up to date. We will update the operating system to make sure that there are no security holes in your IT system.


If you’re looking to get more out of your business’s computers, we have you covered. In general, we find that most businesses aren’t using a significant portion of their computing resources. Through techniques such as virtualization and hard disk defragmenting, we can make sure your computers are offering you as much computing power as you need.


Making sure your desktop computers are free of viruses and malware is key to keeping your company safe from data breaches and other cyber attacks. As part of our desktop support, we will ensure regular scans are being performed on your company’s machines to make sure everything is in order.


Employees may struggle to pick up unfamiliar software. Our IT technicians are familiar with a wide range of software used in a variety of industries. Included in our desktop support package are training courses designed to help your employees learn the software they need inside and out.

Diagnosis and Repair

When there is a severe computer issue, it’s important to find out what the problem is. Depending on the issue, we can fix your issue immediately, replace the computer, or repair the machine and return it to you, ready for use.

Managed Desktop Services

Rather than treat each machine individually, it can be convenient to use a managed desktop to ensure all of your employees are on the same page. Symple IT offers a managed desktop service package, and we provide full support for your business’s managed desktop.

Choose Symple IT’s Desktop Support Services in Ottawa

If you’re looking for a desktop support IT company in ottawa to provide comprehensive support for your employees’ workstations, Symple IT is the right choice. With decades of experience in the IT industry, we’ve seen everything the industry has to offer, and we know how to provide your business with the support it needs.

With a selection of IT services ranging from quick, on-demand support to long-term partnerships with your business, you can be sure to find something our company can help you with. If you’re interested in learning more, consider booking a consultation with us. These meetings are free, with no strings attached.

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