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We’ve passed by the days when in-person interaction was the backbone of a business. Nowadays, email is the most convenient professional communication tool to use in the workplace. Not only is email faster than most other options, but it is permanently saved as a written record of any communications.

Unfortunately, email’s success has also brought it some drawbacks. One of the biggest problems with email is that anyone with your email address can send you whatever they like. Because there’s no oversight or moderation for emails, email inboxes can become a mess of spam and other, more dangerous emails.

Problematic Emails

With how prevalent email is in the modern workplace, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s a major target for cyberattacks. A few common threats to business emails are:

  • Spam emails. Advertisements, chain emails, and the like are a constant threat to your employees’ productivity. If your inbox is clogged with spam emails, you are in danger of missing the important business emails that need answering.


  • Phishing emails. Phishing emails, or phishing websites, are websites that disguise themselves as official websites to steal a user’s identity or other information.
  • Malware attachments. A particularly malicious type of cyber attack involves attaching a malware file to a seemingly innocuous email. Opening the file can cause a security breach in your business’s network, or allow for data theft. 


Managed Anti-Spam: The Solution to Troublesome Emails

It’s best not to leave keeping your company’s email inboxes clean to your employees. The best way to remove the security risks of an open email box is a managed anti-spam service. With managed anti-spam, you can leave your company’s email security in the hands of professionals. 

A managed email inbox is guaranteed to be entirely safe for your business. Through both automated systems and human review, Symple IT Solutions can block all spam and other dangerous emails, all before your employees ever see them. 

Choose Symple IT Solutions’s Managed Anti-Spam Services

At Symple IT Solutions, we’ve been offering our managed anti-spam package for over a decade. With plenty of experience serving both large and small companies, our IT teams are more than qualified to keep your Toronto business safe.

In addition to our managed anti-spam and email services, we also offer a wide range of other Ottawa IT services, including both on-demand services and full-time support. If you’re interested in learning how we can help your business, consider contacting us to schedule a free, no-commitment consultation today.


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