IT Security Services That Keep You Protected and Online

One of the most common causes of criminal damage to businesses is cyber attacks. In the modern business world, cyber attacks have become more and more common as physical security in buildings has raised its standards. It’s crucial to ensure your cybersecurity systems are up to par with your building’s physical security.

Depending on the type of business you run, your security needs may vary widely. There is no universal security solution for most companies. Every business has unique features that need attending to by its IT security systems, such as sensitive data and quick remote access. The best way to ensure your business is fully protected is by leaving it to the experts.

How Our Professional IT Security Services Protect Your Business

IT Security is a complex area of IT that needs careful administration to be effective. At Symple IT Solutions, we’ve developed a checklist for your business to follow to make sure you’re safe from data breaches and other cyber threats.


  • Security Strategy. Is your business following proper protocol? Is there a plan in place in the event of a data breach? Which security measures are in place, and why? These questions need answering to ensure security.
  • Connection ID. Who is accessing your company network? Network tools such as a firewall are key to making sure no unauthorized users are connecting to your network and committing data theft. 
  • Access Management. Most data breaches occur not because of external attackers, but because of improper conduct by authorized users, or software vulnerabilities. It’s important to make sure all of your company’s software is secure, and all personnel is well-trained.
  • Network Infrastructure. A common type of cyber attack is a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. This type of attack puts so much of a load on your company’s server that it can’t handle all incoming connections. To keep your clients supported,  it’s crucial to stay ahead of attacks like this.
  • Analytics. Monitoring your data and software is a good way to find potential security holes in your program. As part of Symple IT Solutions’s IT security plan, we will analyze your security statistics and fix any gaps. 


Rely on Symple IT Solutions for Your Toronto Network Security

If you’re looking for an IT business that can keep your company secure online and fit in your budget, Symple IT Solutions is the best choice. Our IT teams are experienced professionals, and we’ve spent decades in the IT industry. We have a long history of keeping ahead of rising technology to keep businesses secure.

Our mission is to keep our customers satisfied. If you’re interested in a free, no-commitment security consultation to learn how we can help your business stay safe, please contact us today to schedule a booking.