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Comprehensive antivirus protection is absolutely crucial to protecting your online and cloud-based business networks, servers, files, and devices. Every time you or one of your employees opens an email or performs any other action on a company network or server, the entire system is put at risk of being exposed to a virus or malware. That risk has increased significantly in the aftermath of the pandemic since more employees are opting to continue working remotely. 

Hiring an in-house IT department to monitor your networks and servers might make sense at first, but you’ll soon realize that they have limited resources to provide the round-the-clock antivirus protection your business needs. Managed antivirus services in Ottawa can pick up where your in-house IT support leaves off or replace them entirely for a low monthly fee. 

What Are Managed Antivirus Services?

Managed antivirus services are offered by a third-party managed services provider (MSP) that provides 24/7 system, server, and network monitoring for your business. They install, update, and maintain your antivirus protection software. They have sophisticated systems in place to quickly detect and remove potential cyberthreats while minimizing downtime for your business.

Top Reasons to Consider Managed Antivirus Services for Your Business

Consistent Malware and Virus Protection

Malware is a type of software that contains a virus. It’s designed with the intention of invading your company servers and networks through unauthorized access to either leak or destroy sensitive data. Malware can be used to circumvent even some of the most stringent cybersecurity measures, so it’s important to have a reliable data recovery and virus protection plan in place. When disaster strikes, you can count on professional managed antivirus and IT services in Ottawa to act quickly and effectively. 

Centrally Managed Antivirus Services

Traditional managed antivirus services relied upon IT specialists working strictly onsite and requiring direct access to specific devices for software installation, maintenance, and updates. The shift to hybrid business models over the years has made this method virtually obsolete and impractical. Centrally managed antivirus services have the ability to remotely access thousands of networks, servers, and devices in order to perform necessary protective actions at a low cost. 

24/7 Monitoring and Management

Outsourcing antivirus services in Ottawa allows for round-the-clock system, network, and device monitoring for ultimate protection. In the event of a perceived or real cyberthreat or attack, MSPs set up various automatic system responses that instigate preventative actions, so that malicious hackers can’t circumvent security measures. 

Continuous Technical Support

Inevitably, employees will sometimes require technical support to troubleshoot various types of errors or issues. Internal IT departments have set business hours and may not always be available to respond fast enough. Managed IT services in Ottawa offer ongoing remote helpdesk support that your employees can access at any time during and outside of regular business hours.

Performing Manual Updates and Upgrades

Automatic system updates and upgrades are definitely a lot more convenient, but they can also cause problems if they’re not properly supervised. Ottawa IT security services guarantee that all antivirus software updates and upgrades are thoroughly researched to ascertain full system compliance and compatibility with your permission.  

Protect Your Business with Managed Antivirus Services in Ottawa

Symple IT Solutions offers affordable and reliable antivirus services for businesses of all sizes in Ottawa. Our on-demand IT support, expert customer training, and all-inclusive IT services give your business the technological tools to maintain cybersecurity and safety at all times. Contact us today to learn more.