Keeping Your Network Secure

All business owners and managers must be concerned about network performance and potential security issues. Your business is no different. Whether your business collects and stores customer information, proprietary secrets or any type of sensitive data, you need to be confident that your network is safe and secure.

Even if you employ a full-time IT staff, your network may have security gaps that might allow potential intrusions. Bedrock IT will provide your business with a network security assessment of your entire network to identify any potential areas for improvement. The security assessment consists of an evaluation of your security status, an inspection of the firewall configuration and an assessment of internal and external security vulnerabilities.

Once we have completed the assessment, we will recommend feasible improvements to keep your network free of intrusions or exploitation.

Proactive Network Support in Ottawa

Business owners and managers must be proactive when it comes to network security and data protection. Whether you staff an entire IT department, or you rely on managed IT services for network support, an accurate assessment of the security of your network is essential for keeping your data safe.

Bedrock IT will assist you in developing and implementing a security plan to ensure that your network is resistant to hackers, crackers, phishers and others who may seek to intrude into your business systems with malicious intent. Call 613.702.5505 for more information or to schedule your free consultation.